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Try Out A New Dean Guitar -

Stop on in and try out one of our new Dean Electric Guitars! They are new to the store but have been a great builder of guitars for decades now! I purchased my first Dean back in the early eighties and now they are here at Blue Mountain! Come In and test drive a new Vendetta or a new Nash Vegas!  These guitars Rock!

Try New Ernie Ball Strings -

Many have become loyal to Ernie ball strings for electric guitars, but now we carry Ernie Ball's Earthwood Acoustic Strings! Try out these strings favored strings! We also have in the new Ernie Ball Cobalt and M-Steel Strings  – longer lasting, with more output for all your electric playing situations!

Luna Guitars & Ukuleles – 

Luna’s mission is to craft fine stringed instruments with artistic sensibility that are comfortable, affordable, and that inspire people of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey. New to Blue Mountain we’ve got breathtaking Luna instruments that will sure be pleasing to both the eyes and ears!

Roto Sound Strings -

These sought after strings have become a favorite for many, but have become hard to come by. Blue Mountain is now your local authorized ROTO Sound String dealer!

Behringer - is back in stock here at Blue Mountain! were excited to bring back a company so many of our customers are asking for! Come  on in and see what is back!



Our product is changing to meet your needs

 Stay tuned for further Blue Mountain news.


We have got in a

selection of 

Boss pedals 

that will 

make you want

to add more affects 

into your playing.

Try these out.


straps will

keep your

guitar in good

care and

 make you

look great

playing it!



for 2015

Trans Amber

Nash Vegas



Ernie Ball



Ernie Ball



Ernie Ball




tattooed mahogany





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GoldTone LS-6 Lapsteel Guitar (ls-6)
GoldTone LS-6 Lapsteel Guitar

List: $769.00

Price: $576.75

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Dean DimeBag Dimebonics ML w/case (DB Bonics)
Dean DimeBag Dimebonics ML w/case

List: $1,563.00

Price: $999.00

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GoldTone CC-50 Banjo (cc-50)
GoldTone CC-50 Banjo

List: $479.00

Price: $359.25

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Dean C450 Flame Top - Scary Cherry (c450fmsc)
Dean C450 Flame Top - Scary Cherry

List: $991.05

Price: $599.00

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Paul Reed Smith 513 Rosewood (con463)
Paul Reed Smith 513 Rosewood

List: $6,800.00

Price: $2,995.00

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