Whether you’ve just started taking guitar lessons or have been playing for years, there are always ways to improve your overall guitar-playing technique. At Blue Mountain Guitar, our customers frequently ask us how they can improve their technique while practicing the guitar at home. Below are three tips and tricks to help strengthen your guitar-playing technique.

Beware Of The Left-Hand Death Grip

When you first begin learning the guitar, you’ll immediately discover how uncomfortable and painful it can be to constantly press down on steel guitar strings with the tips of your fingers. One way many new players combat this discomfort is by hooking their left thumb (on a right-handed guitar) over the top of the fret board to gain more leverage. This action is often referred to as the “death grip” and should be avoided because it puts a fierce amount of strain on your wrist and can restrict the reach of your fingers. For proper guitar-playing technique, always make sure your thumb is resting lightly on the back of your guitar’s neck.

Practice Playing Standing Up & Sitting Down

If your musical dream is to have your rock band signed to a record label and go on tour, make a point to practice playing standing up and sitting down. When you practice the guitar sitting down, you may have the tendency to constantly check that your fingers are on the right string or that your chords are positioned on the correct fret. By practicing playing and standing up, you will gain confidence in your abilities to transition from chord to chord.

Use A Metronome

Practicing with a metronome can have a tremendous impact on your sense of rhythm and timing. If you’re learning a new song on the guitar, try to figure out the tempo or speed of the song in beats-per-minute, or BPM. Set a click track or metronome to that BPM (start out slow if you have to!) and work on playing through the song at that pace.

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