At Blue Mountain Guitar Center, we know how exciting it can be to learn a new instrument, especially the drums. In part one of this series, we discussed the first four tips for beginner drummers. In part two, we’ll go over the final five tips to ensure a happy and successful drumming journey.

Pay Attention To Your Drum Posture

Sitting on a drum stool all day can be exhausting for your back, however it’s important to always pay attention to your posture. Your posture plays a very critical role in building proper physical drumming habits early on, which can have a tremendous effect on your playing ability. If you develop poor posture early on, it could have a negative effect on your speed, control and power.

Stay Positive

At Blue Mountain Guitar Center, we understand how difficult it can be to maintain a positive attitude, especially in the beginning stages of your drum lessons. In order for you to have efficient drum practice sessions, it’s important to keep your spirits high and stay positive! Don’t let your own fear of failure prevent you from becoming the best drummer you can be. When you feel as if you’ve hit a wall during your practice routine, don’t be afraid to ask your drum instructor for help. Chances are, they’ve been in the same place, and can give you tips and tricks to overcome those obstacles. When you adopt the right attitude with your drum practice, you’ll be able to overcome any challenges that are put in front of you.

Slow Down Your Drum Playing

A common problem many beginner drummers face is that they try to play songs too fast for their skill level. It is much harder to learn a new drumming technique when you’re playing at a speedy pace, so don’t be afraid to slow things down. Once you feel comfortable playing through the section or song at a slow and comfortable pace, you can start to speed things up.

Mix Up Your Drum Practice Agenda

While you may feel inclined to only practice the drumming techniques in your beginner drum book, don’t be afraid to mix up your practice routine every now and then. Put on some of your favorite songs and play along to the music. Not only will it be good to take a break from the more technical side of drumming, it’ll allow you a creative space to rock out and have some fun!

Play With Other Musicians

One of the best ways to improve your drumming is to play with other musicians. Music is a team sport, and by learning to play and interact with other musicians, you’ll see tremendous growth in your drumming abilities. If you’re not sure where to find musicians to jam with, just visit your local music store. You’re sure to meet other like-minded musicians who want to improve their playing as well, and who knows — you might even start a band!

At Blue Mountain Guitar Center, we know how exciting it can be to learn a new instrument. Whether you’re looking for a drum kit to start learning the drums, or want to upgrade your current acoustic guitar, we offer a variety of high-quality instruments online.

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