If you’ve finally pulled the trigger on purchasing the guitar or bass guitar of your dreams, it’s important to invest in a guitar case that will protect your instrument. Since guitars can come in many different shapes and sizes, choosing the proper guitar case for your axe can be tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the types of cases available. At Blue Mountain Guitar Center, we understand how difficult it can be to find the best guitar case for your guitar, and we love educating our music customers on musical equipment. Before you purchase the first guitar case you find on our website, continue reading to learn what to look for on your case-buying journey.

Finding The Guitar Case For Your

When you begin your hunt for the perfect guitar case, it’s important to understand the three common types of cases available.

Soft Guitar Cases

Soft guitar cases are great option for those who only plan to use their guitar at home. These types of guitar cases offer the least amount of protection and are typically manufactured using lightweight materials like nylon. As their name suggests, soft cases are soft coverings that provide very little for impact protection, so if you were to accidentally drop your guitar, it could easily be damaged.

Hard Guitar Cases

If you plan on traveling to and from shows with your guitar or bass guitar, investing in a hard guitar case could be your best option. These guitar cases are widely popular due to their extreme durability and higher quality of construction. Many hard cases feature a soft, padded interior that can be custom-shaped to fit your guitar perfectly. At Blue Mountain Guitar Center, we offer a variety of hardshell guitar and bass cases online. Our Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Case is road-ready to fit six and twelve-string acoustic guitars.

Hybrid Guitar Cases

A hybrid guitar case is a combination of both a hard guitar case and soft guitar case. The exterior of these cases is normally made of a soft material, while the inside is made of a hard protective shell. If you plan on traveling with your guitar occasionally, this case provides an inexpensive and semi-protective option for your guitar.

The Benefits Of Buying A Guitar Case

There are many benefits to buying a guitar case for your beloved musical instrument. At Blue Mountain Guitar Center, we’ve helped hundreds of beginner and professional guitarists find the best guitar cases for them. Contact our musical instrument experts to learn more about our guitar cases or browse or online music store today!

Guitar Cases Help Protect Your Instrument

The biggest benefit to purchasing a guitar case for your guitar is the added protection you’ll have while traveling with it. Many guitarists love being able to bring their guitar to and from performances, recording sessions and music lessons.

Guitar Cases Are Ideal For Storage

If you ever need to store your guitar for a long period of time, storing it inside of a guitar case can help protect it against external elements such as dust, dirt and harsh weather conditions. Guitar cases are also easy to carry and lug around, so if you need to transfer your guitar from your mom’s basement to your dorm room closet, you’ll have no problem transporting your instrument.

At Blue Mountain Guitar Center, we’re proud to be a lead of musical instruments and accessories online. Whether you’re looking for the perfect guitar case for your acoustic guitar, or you’re ready to buy that drum kit you’ve always wanted, you’re sure to find everything you need at our online music store. Browse our large variety of instruments today!

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