If you already have a stellar electric guitar and amplifier, consider adding a guitar pedal to your rig for further tone customization. In the layman's terms, the purpose of a guitar pedal is to alter the original signal output from your instrument to create a tone more suitable for the style of music you’re playing. Before you run to a music store and stare befuddled at the various guitar pedal options available, it’s important to have a general understanding of the purpose and rationale of guitar pedals before making a purchase decision. Below is a list of popular electric guitar pedals and their characteristics.

Distortion Pedals

Distortion pedals are a mainstay in heavy metal and punk music. They are versatile enough where they can be adjusted to smoothly influence your natural electric guitar signal, while offering a distorted and gritty sound with the push of a pedal.

Overdrive Pedals

Overdrive pedals are often common pedals used in blues, country and classic rock music. These pedals help stimulate a warm sounding tube amplifier that is sonically less harsh than distortion pedals.

Fuzz Pedals

When you think of fuzz pedals, you may conjure up images of bell bottoms and hippies from the 60’s rock and psychedelia era. Fuzz pedals can turn a stale electric guitar tone into a full and grimy effect, adding texture where there once was none.

Echo & Delay Pedals

As their name suggests, echo and delay pedals multiply your guitar signal to create an overlapping and echo-like tonal effect. More often than not, you are able to adjust the time intervals between repeated tones, giving you ample control of your sound.

Wah-Wah Pedals

Synonymous with guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix, wah-wah pedals have a widely recognized tone that can be used in funk and blues music. Wah-wah pedals allow you to control the pedal effects through a compressible foot pedal. As your foot presses up and down on the pedal, the pedal filters the output sound by sweeping it through the spectrum, creating a “wah” effect.

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