If you’re considering picking up a musical instrument, setting up a regular practice regime can do wonders for your musical growth. At Blue Mountain Guitar, many of our customers ask us how they can improve their playing, whether it be for guitar, bass or drums. While there are many practicing tips to choose from to improve your playing, below are some of our favorites.

Warm Up With Technical Exercises

To begin practicing your instrument correctly, it’s always best to start your session with a proper warm up. For instruments like guitar and bass, practicing the technical fingerings of major and minor scales can help get your fingers and joints limber and ready to play.

Practice New Songs Slowly

If you’re learning a new piece of music, don’t worry about practicing the song at its original performance speed. When you’re working through a new song, only adjust the speed or tempo gradually when you feel confident you can play through the song without making any mistakes.

Set Aside Time To Practice

While any time you take to practice your instrument is valuable, setting aside a scheduled time to practice is always best because there will be fewer interruptions. Many musicians prefer to practice early in the morning before work or late at night so their mind can be completely focused on the task at hand.

Practice In A Calm State

When you set time aside to practice your musical instrument, make sure you begin your session in a calm and relaxed state. If you are exhausted or distracted when you begin practicing, you won’t get the most out of your practice time and you may not digest new material as well.

Practice Playing Songs In Sections

If you’re working on a challenging piece of music, it can be easier to practice the song line by line or phrase by phrase. While our brains are equipped to learn quickly, breaking a piece of music into sections can be easier for your mind to digest.

Practice Every Day

If you’re dedicated to improving your musical chops, building structured practicing habits can require a good amount of energy and daily attention. The more time you leave between practice sessions, the harder it will be to pick up where you left off. Try to schedule at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted practice time every day.

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