LAG HyVibe Tramontane 10 Smart Guitar

by lag
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All the basics Lâg knows and a bit more… The very first Smart Guitar in the world.

A guitar that can amplify itself, generate its own effects, or even turn into a bluetooth speaker, all without cables, pedals or amps.

The Lâg THV10DCE packs a lot of warmth and deepness into a comfortable, easy to play guitar. This huge amount of warmth is brought up by its solid red Cedar top, which is nicely paired with the Mahogany body. The typical Venetian cutaway opens up to its slim neck and Brownwood fretboard and offers you a smooth playing experience. Specially designed bracing inside the guitar is able to pick up every little detail of your playing style and make them sound wonderful.


General specifications

- Top: solid red Cedar

- Back & sides: Khaya Mahogany open pore

- Neck: Khaya Mahogany open pore

- Fingerboard: Brownwood

- Comes with Multi-effects, looper, bluetooth speaker etc.

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