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Here at Blue Mt. School of Rock, our teachers believe that music is an influential channel for personal growth and satisfaction. The principles that a student can gain from formal instruction are important to the success of all their musical endeavors. With an approach to teaching that is clearly modern in its content, we are able to mold our curriculum to meet the needs of each individual student. Through a course of directed study that integrates elements of music literacy and performance, our curriculum provides the skills necessary for any student to become self-reliant, experienced, motivated, and most significantly, successful. All while maintaining a healthy balance of structure and fun.
Blue Mt. School of rock is the result of our teachers 50 plus years of private and classroom teaching experience. We offer lessons in the following topics: Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Bass, Drum Set, Ukulele, Recording and Production, Songwriting, and more. As well; we offer ensemble and group classes for a variety of styles so students can put what they’re learning to good use. All private lessons and classes meet weekly. Upon signing up a mutually agreed on time is chosen as your weekly meeting time. Payment for all lessons and classes is a monthly fee paid at the first lesson of every month.
Pricing and format:
Private Lesson - $30 per lesson.
Weekly 30-minute lesson to study
topic of your choice with the
instructor of your choice.

Ensemble - $225 for 12-week session.
Students are put into groups
based on their interest.
Each group learns and rehearses
Music with a performance at the end.
Meet the teachers:
Chris Decato is a multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Producer, Recording/Mastering Engineer, and Performer who is local to Lebanon NH. Since 1991 he has taught Guitar, Bass, Keys, Recording & Mixing technics and Synthesis. Chris has worked with many talented people from the NH Seacoast, and around the world. Mastered over 1000 music projects, Composed Music for dozens of local indie films and commercial videos, video games, and websites. He has traveled to Africa to record Omara “BombinoMoctar in 2010, and toured States with him. Chris also co-wrote “Avalon” with Sully Erna of Godsmack, and toured the US and Europe performing it.
Mike Stockbridge started his professional journey in music close to twenty-five years ago. Over that time his many experiences have shaped his unique view on writing, performing and teaching music. In the mid-nineties he attended Berklee College of Music, leaving the school to work with touring blues artist Richard Roquemore. After his time with Roquemore had come to an end, he returned to his native New Hampshire and began teaching privately in the Mount Washington Valley. During this brief time, he was mentored by seasoned jazz musician Charles Toor - a retired pianist from New York who had worked with a long list of luminaries in the NYC jazz scene during the 50’s and was an active participant in the loft scene of the 70’s. In 2000 Stockbridge relocated to central Maine and enrolled at the University of Maine at Augusta to focus on following through with his education in music. It was during this time that he developed a friendship/mentorship with drummer and composer Steve Grover, citing not only Grover’s writing but his constant encouragement that he displayed for his students and fellow musicians as deeply influential in his development. For the next decade or so he worked as an in demand guitar/music educator all over the state of Maine. During this time, he also performed as an active member in the Maine Jazz/music scene releasing two albums under his name with his two musical compatriots Shawn Boissonneault and Duane Edwards.

In recent years Mike has moved on to working in music production and teaching privately at Philips Exeter Academy. Mike is quick to reveal that as an educator, being at Exeter is deeply fulfilling. And while he is invested in his work at PEA, Mike still maintains a strong roster of private students of every ability. Whichever capacity he is working in; it is clear that his consummate abilities in private education have allowed him to forge this path with much confidence. His resume includes time spent at many other wonderful institutions such as Rivertree Arts, The National Guitar/Music Workshop, Music & Arts, the Tony Boffa School of Contemporary Music, the Robert Frost Charter School and for the city of Newburyport, MA.

While Mike specializes in guitar lessons specifically, lessons are also available for bass, banjo (both claw hammer and Scruggs style), mandolin, drum set, piano, and ukulele. For the last fifteen years or so he has conducted numerous classes and ensembles finding much fulfillment in helping people of all ages learn to create music together. 
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