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ddrum cables are designed to work in conjunction with several of our existing trigger models. Secure XLR connection gives you flawless connectivity and piece of mind. The perfect choice for the stage and the studio.

Product Details
  • Y- cable is to be used with ddrum DTS, DRT SNARE and CE DTS snare Triggers.
  • Cable splits from XLR to two 1/4 plugs to utilize both the head and rim sensors for module that do not have dual zone inputs.
  • Specs (Other)
  • ddrum cable made specially for ddrum Snare Triggers
  • 15' in length
  • mono connector
  • XLR to 2 1/4 plugs. 1 for drum head trigger and 1 for the rim trigger
  • Red 1/4 connector is for the drum head sensor and the black 1/4 connector is for the rim sensor