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The Hybrid 6 Kit is the brainchild of ddrum's top engineers. This is a fully functioning acoustic drum set, with the addition of our industry-leading acoustic pro triggers. Seamlessly switch from a fully acoustic setup to a fully electronic setup simply by changing to the mesh heads and letting the built-in triggers do the rest. This kit can even be used as reduced-volume acoustic kit, blending the best aspects of both acoustic and electronic drumming to achieve the ideal hybrid sound. The Hybrid 6 has unlimited versatility for live playing, studio recording, or just blowing off some steam at home.

The Hybrid 6 boasts the following features:

Product Details
  • 7x10 Rack tom
  • 7x12 Rack tom
  • 12x14 Floor tom
  • 12x16 Floor tom
  • 6x13 Snare drum
  • 20x20 Bass drum
    • This is a shell pack only. Cymbals and hardware stands sold separately.
  • Wood Configuration
    Birch shells
    Lug Type
    Industrial Low Mass
    Hoop Spec
    1.6 MM Triple Flanged
    Plys Tom
    Plys Bass Drum
    Plys Snare Drum
    Bearing Edge Spec
    45 degree
    Suspension Mount Type
    RIMS mount
    Specs (Other)
    The ddrum hybrid drum set includes player-sized drums with built-in ddrum acoustic pro triggers and shell mounted XLR jacks. The Hybrid 6 kit includes two mounting tom arms with two connecting clamps and two sets of floor tom legs.