ddrum M.A.X Series SNARE DRUM

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Blended wood shell, featuring 2 outer plies of maple and 6 inner plies of alder. MAX snares feature a snappy attack, and a punchy tone. A great all-purpose snare. Die-cast hoops allow for more stable tuning, as well as enhanced rim shot and rim click sounds.

Satin Natural
Wood Configuration
Maple/Alder Blend
Lug Type
Tube Lug
Hoop Spec
Die Cast
Plys Snare Drum
Bearing Edge Spec
30 degree outer 45 degree inner
Specs (Other)
  • 6.5x14 shell size
  • Black chrome hardware
  • 10 double sided tube lugs
  • Box throw off
  • Evans coated snare head
  • 6 inner plies of Alder
  • 2 outer plies of Maple
  • Satin Natural finish