Handheld Microphone Boom Pole w/ Cable

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The MBP8000 Handheld Microphone Boom Pole is ideal for broadcasting, newscasting, film/TV/video production, school plays/productions, and more field applications. Our easy-to-carry Boom Pole is machined from sturdy and lightweight aluminum for secure mounting of your microphone. Four telescopic rods quickly adjust the length of the pole from less than a yard to over 10 feet using a simple and efficient twist-and-lock mechanism. An internal coiled cable management system is included along with a convenient carry bag.
  • Ideal for ENG, EFP, film/TV/video and other field applications
  • Professional telescoping boom pole with internal cable extends from just 36 inches to 10 feet
  • Integrated coiled cable designed for optimal use without any pinching or working around it, even when pole is propped
  • Patented 5/8-27" to 3/8" reversible lug for universal miking
  • Soft EVA grip along length of lower shaft provides excellent grip