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Brand: Luna Guitars

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Product Description

Our popular Heartsong line has now been enhanced with the addition of a 12 String Guitar! Twelve-string guitars feature twelve steel strings in six courses, which can produce a richer, more ringing tone than a standard guitar. The is a touch wider as well to accommodate the extra strings and is similar to the width of a classical guitar neck. Many players say the sound is fuller and more harmonically resonant than six-string instruments.

The Fishman Isys+ pre-amp with built-in tuner ,1/4" and XLR outputs faithfully recreates the amplified sound of this impressive 12-string.

With it's "record-on-the-spot" solution compatible with any USB-supporting Apple or Windows laptop, smart phone, iPhone or iPad, you get plug-and-play capability into your favorite recording software. No external USB power, or powered USB bus/hub, is required. Now you can record your songs and ideas directly into your device, using your favorite recording app... simply plug in and go!

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