GoldTone OT-800 Tubaphone Openback Banjo

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The Old Tone 800 (0T-800) is an accurate reproduction of the most sought after banjo design in the classic Old Time sound, the Vega Tubaphone.  The Gold Tone 0T-800 incorporates a fitted metal bracket band to an 11” maple rim in which the shoe lugs bolt directly to the bracket band instead of the wood rim allowing for a more solid tone and increased sustain. The 32-hole brass Tubaphone-style tone ring allows the sound to ring loud and clear with maximum sustain. Improvements to the original classic design include dual coordinator rods (instead of a dowel stick) for a solid neck fit and easy adjustment capabilities. Other features include a maple neck with bound ebony fingerboard with frailing scoop, a classic engraved fingerboard inlay design, a Fairbanks-style headstock, 11” Renaissance banjo head, and a No Knot tailpiece. With final assembly and a complete setup at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida, this model delivers exactly what the contemporary openback banjo player is looking for! The 0T-800 includes a deluxe arch case.